Reclaimation Room

"Medicinal Medicine Cabinet"


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“Berlin Reclamation"




“Chicago Reclamation"




“Still Terrified of Being Stung"


This sculpture is a timely and necessary response to the current failing bee health paradigm. 

I designed and custom built this chair to resemble a man-made beehive, I then filled the box with soil, and planted a variety of pollinators within and around the chair in order to attract feral bees. 


As the flowers bloomed in spring and summer, this manmade structure which formerly served as an artificial environment to exploit bees, now invites feral bees to enter a natural environment where they are allowed to roam freely 


Lindsay Stewart Davis

Berlin 8

Still from "Living WIP in Berlin" 35mm black&white film. Thrifted ceramic, with plant water siphon system, syringes containing ink-cap mushroom mycelium, foraged and store bought portobello mushroom mycelium, foraged oyster mushroom mycelium, water from sterilizing rye berry, artists DNA, Berlin's contaminated water, hydrosal from linden trees, calcium carbonate, hydrosal from mushroom herbs and scavenged mushrooms.